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Children and Young People

Drawing Together
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Children and young people are NOT tomorrow's church - they are an integral part of the church today. Here on this page, you can learn more about how we seek to build up and develop our links with young people and parents in Guisborough.

We host two youth groups on Tuesday evenings – Gener8 (years 4-6) from 5 pm - 6.30 pm and Credo (years 7-9) from 7 pm - 9 pm. 


These groups are open to everyone - and we have a mix of kids who go to church and kids who don’t. 


Members can invite their friends to join us; there is a subscription of £1 per child; if there are siblings in either group, this is reduced to 50p per child... AND the first visit is FREE. 

Our Groups



We enjoy a wide range of individual and team games based around having a fun time together, as well as the occasional craft evening.  In the lighter evenings and weather permitting, we take the Group to Westgate Park for outdoor activities. The final half hour is devoted to refreshments (tuck) and a bible-based discussion when we all explore different ideas to see how these all fit into God’s big story.




Our activities include team games, dodgeball, volleyball, penalty shootout, Pictionary, Scattergories, table-top football, air hockey, pool/snooker, quizzes, archery,  etc as well as outdoor activities in the summer months.


As with the younger group, the final half hour is devoted to refreshments and discussion around the things the young people find troubling in their day to day lives and how we, as a group, can support each other from a Biblical perspective.  These discussions can be quite “lively” at times but are valued by all members.


NEW group for Year 10+ on Wednesdays from 7-9.30 pm


This is a safe place to meet up with friends in a relaxed and welcoming environment, using the Community and Family rooms upstairs.  Activities will be supervised but mainly peer-led and will include video gaming, movie nights, chippy nights, and games nights.  The group will also occasionally use the main hall, when it is free, for hockey, badminton, volleyball, etc.

We have a Facebook page, where we post photos, meeting information, reminders, and last-minute changes to meetings.


There are currently four volunteer leaders, all of whom have Methodist Church AND Urban Saints DBS Certificates and have undertaken the Methodist Church Safeguarding Course.


Contact details:      Youth Phone: 07944 312023

Facebook: GMC YOUTH – via WhatsApp or Messenger


Leaders: Mel Bradley, Marian Fraser, Rachael Cort, Michael Cort

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